If a story, author or piece of literature is being covered in the school curriculum or a specific topic is being taught, we have the ability to adapt and direct an existing piece of text to performance standard, work with the group to adapt a novel/story into a play script or even work around a topic to create a script based on it. All of these options culminate in professionally-staged plays for children. We obviously discuss any concepts that teachers/students have for the piece and will implement any choices about staging and casting etc.
Our expertise is in using drama for children to help the students involved to reach their full potential and to have a sense of achievement about their work. We work on characterisation and development, vocal techniques in performance and offer a fully blocked piece of theatre. Through rehearsal, children bond as a ‘company’, improving relationships within the group.


These projects can be adapted to suit your time-frame and requirements, however, we suggest a minimum of 5 rehearsals in order to be able to produce a piece which is of a good standard.

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