Key Stage 1 Workshops

Key Stage 1 Workshops

Reflect TIE provides a variety of Key Stage 1 Workshops across  London and Surrey.  Our sessions are fun, interactive and aimed specifically to cover key parts of the curriculum at a level the students will understand.  Learning topic information through drama, means that the students become active participants in their learning and, through imagination and creative exercises can fully immerse themselves in a different time/place/story or culture.  

Our high-energy, yet focused, approach to teaching ensures that all students are engaged in the curriculum workshop and, most importantly, that their memory of the session helps to commit important facts and subject material to lasting memory.

A list of the key stage 1 workshop topics we can provide are listed below.

We can also provide Key Stage 2 Workshops here and EYFS Workshops here

All Creatures Great and Small

We invite your class to become explorers with us and ‘habitat hop’ – searching for different animals. We visit habitats across the world before really focusing on Woodland and Urban habitats. Using topic-based vocabulary, puppets, masks and costumes, together we bring the habitats to life. Alongside songs, movement activities and games, we also examine the 7 life processes, food chains and life cycles.

Pirates and Explorers

Ahoy there me hearties! Meet our Chief Explorer and Pirate Pete and take on their challenges to see if your class has what it takes to join our exploration! Along the way students will ‘become’ famous explorers, learn about navigation and why people explore!

The Circle of Life

Journey with us to the Masai Mara in Kenya! Once there we explore the animals and climate, touching on the food chain and using fun drama based activities to study the different creatures and their habitats. We will also learn sections of songs from ‘The Lion King’ as well as different call and response chants and tunes from the musical.

Significant People

Bring History to Life and invite some ‘significant’ people into your classroom. Allow your class to meet characters such as Christopher Columbus, Emelia Earhart, Neil Armstrong, Bear Grylls, Florence Nightingale and Shakespeare. The characters talk about their lives and invite the children to aim high!

Christopher Columbus

What is an explorer – meet our Chief Explorer and Christopher Columbus as we find out why people are driven to explore! Learn about Columbus’ life, discover the ships of his voyages and pass our navigation test to become part of the crew!

The Great Fire Of London

Meet Samuel Pepys and hear him read from his famous diary. As he does so, your class take a step back in time and land in Pudding Lane during the Great Fire of London. There they meet a maid who is desperately searching for her little girl and hear how the fire began. Students get to discover the effects of the fire and, with the help of Sir Christopher Wren, help to rebuild the City!

The Titanic

Line up at Southampton docks and collect your tickets to board the Titanic on her first voyage!! Students are allocated a ticket and join the ship in their correct class. On board, meet The Captain and Lady Duff Gordon as we explore the differences between first, second and third class quarters. We also invite the children to become members of the crew on board the famous ship. After much frivolity on board, learn what happens when disaster strikes and discuss what could have been done to save so many lives!

Queen and Country

Meet Queen Elizabeth II and Henry VIIIth and discuss what it means to be a monarch. After this, your class is invited to establish their very own ‘country’ choosing an appropriate name and establishing country rules! We will crown your class King and Queen, elect MPS and even invent our own National Anthem!


What does it mean to be a superhero? Have Captain America and Spider Girl visit your class and explore different ‘super’ qualities. We also explore comic book sounds and characters and invite your children to pass our physical superhero challenges!

What Teacher's Say

  • I absolutely loved the workshop. It had a lot of new information for the children and consolidated some things that they already knew. The resources were excellent, as were the behaviour management and subject knowledge. I was really impressed. I really liked the way that games were used to teach the children and it helped them to remember key facts.

    Year 1 teacher

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